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  BuddhaPadders unite! Visit this area regularly to read funny, profound and often inspirational entries
from people around the world, who believe we all have the potential to make good things happen.

Entries are listed in chronological order.



  Mar 14 , 2007

Hilary, Secaucus, NJ - “Love My BuddhaPad."

  Jan 21 , 2007

Tina, Mesa, AZ - “I love my BuddhaPad..."

  Jan 12 , 2007

Craig, Edison, NJ

  Jan 5 , 2007

Bonnie, Eugene, OR - “Found my little BuddhaPad at the Goodwill....What a find! Already my fortune has increased."

  Dec 31, 2006

Tina, Mesa, AZ - “He's soooo cute....hopefully he will bring me and my children all the positive things in life we need."

  Dec 31, 2006

Deirdre, Lancaster, PA - “A Christmas gift from my best friend, Irene!"

  Dec 3, 2006

Irene, Arlington, VA - “Thank You So Much!"

  Oct 24, 2006

Deanna, San Jose, CA - “I'm searching for inner-peace."

  Sept 20, 2006

Eug, Edison, NJ - “My BuddhaPad was a gift from someone who noticed the laughing Buddha statue at my workspace. Now I have a Buddha on my left (statue) and a Buddha on my right (pad). Hopefully, the guy in the middle will evolve as a result!"

  July 18, 2006

Rita, Cherryville, NC - “I love my BuddhaPad!"

  June 26, 2006

Lucas, Brookfield, WI - “With Buddha smiling at me all day, how could I have a bad day?"

  May 9, 2006

Pamela, Greer, SC - “Now all I need is to win the SC lottery! BuddhaPad is on my desk at work. I smile & try to focus on positive things! Thanks!"

  April 29, 2006

Michelle, Tyler, TX

  Mar 13, 2006

Pash, Anaheim, CA - “I can't help but think good thoughts when I use my BuddhaPad. Thanks for the smile!"

  Feb 27, 2006

Lori, New York, NY - “Thanks so much for the lucky BuddaPad!"

  Feb 26, 2006

Mark, Glen Gardner, NJ - “Brilliant idea/design. I look forward to spreading the love by giving these as gifts to friends and family! Thanks i&D."

  Feb 17, 2006

DJ, Allentown, PA - “My partner calls me that."

  Feb 12, 2006

Dave, Colorado Springs, CO - “At work, we are always looking for that "cool" thing to liven up the busy day and I believe the Buddha Pad is just the thing! Plus, who doesn't want a little laughter in the workplace?"

  Feb 09, 2006

Jane, Atkinson, NH - “35 yrs ago I did my senior theme on Sidarthur and it brought back memories."

  Feb 09, 2006

Mike, Milton, FL - “I'm a college student and currently taking a religions class. I wonder what His Holiness the Dalai Llama would say about these, if he knows about them.
Personally, I think he'd get a kick out of it. I'm loving my BuddhaPad. Just looking at it makes me feel better."
Response from BuddhaPad: Thanks Mike, we think His Holiness would like them too!

  Jan 30, 2006

Heather, San Francisco, CA - “I just received the BuddhaPad at work and placed it under my mouse. I also downloaded the BuddhaPad screen saver. I love the reminder of what is truly important... to stay in my Buddha nature!"

  Jan 22, 2006

Sarah, Rochester, NY - “BuddhaPad bring me luck! :)"

  Dec 27, 2005

Luca, Milwaukee, WI - “Makin' good things happen..."

  Dec 05, 2005

Meagan, Wyanet, IL

  Oct 17, 2005

Nate, Fremont, OH - “I love my buddha!"

  Sept 26, 2005

Jennifer, Virginia Beach, VA - “ I love your site! You might like mine, too!
It's www.buddhabobbleheads.com"

  Sept 25, 2005

Gina, Jamul, CA - “ I love that Buddha wiggles and looks so happy."

  Sept 19, 2005

Deborah, Eastpointe, MI

  Sept 17, 2005

Lauren, Plymouth, MI - “Always looking for ways to put out positive energy! Please stop by my son's memorial site...Buddha say's so! givekindness.diaryland.com"

  Aug 10, 2005

Nichole, Bellmore, NY - “I love my Buddha pad he is soooo cute. He's my good luck charm."

  July 18, 2005

Scott, St. Louis, MO

  July 15, 2005

Jamie, Dallas, TX - "My BuddhaPad was a gift from a very special client. Buddha sits happily on my desk reminding me of the nice people at i&D who sent him my way.
Thanks for the Zen, Tracy!"

  April 25, 2005

Becky, Olympia, WA - “Peace"

  April 3, 2005

Jennifer, Astoria, NY- “Puertoricans in Astoria love the buddhapad!!"

  Mar 23, 2005

Jackie, Port Chester, NY- “I hope that the Buddhad Pad brings me much happiness
and Good Luck in my personal life and in my professional life!"

  Mar 6, 2005

Jimmy, Bellmore, NY- “Anyone know how heavy 10,000 BuddhaPads are? I do!"

  Feb 13, 2005

Yeriel, Elmont, NY- “Thanks to my new BuddhaPad, I can now surf the net knowing that I have good luck and my computer wont crash!!!!!"

  Feb 13, 2005

Luis Alberto, Floral Park, NY - “Now that I have my BuddhaPad...my good fortune has brought me no pop-ups!!!

  Feb 3, 2005

Donna, Bartlett, IL - “Love the darling laughing Buddha...you have made
"good things happen" by producing him!"

  Jan 9, 2005

Tracey, New York, NY - “I don't have a mouse, so I use Budda's belly for my coffee cup.
Truly a high octane drink now!"

  Jan 6, 2005

David, Sugarland, TX - “My moment of Zen."

  Jan 6, 2005

Cynthia, Sugarland, TX - “How cool is this!!"

  Dec 22, 2004

Nancy, Secaucus, NJ - “Thank you for my BuddhaPad!"

  Dec 20, 2004

Joh, Bayport, NY - “I LOVE IT! Coolest thing I got for xmas."

  Dec 16, 2004

Andy, Manchester, VT - “Fabulous Idea! It's a gift for a stressed out doctor!
Maybe this will help him relax and improve his bedside manner?"

  Dec 14, 2004

Leslie, Highlands, NJ - “aaaahhhhhh......I feel the good energy!"

  Dec 14, 2004

Brittini, New York, NY- “I love to rub his little tummy! And my mouse seems much happier these days!"

  Dec 11, 2004

Dawn, Seaford, NY- “I have an obsession with Buddhas I even named my bulldog Booda. ...thank you for adding another Buddha to my collection!"

  Dec 10, 2004

Gary, Huntington Station, NY- “I've been using it for a couple of days and I feel
happier already. Great idea!"

  Dec 9, 2004

Robert, Greenwich, CT - “To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub...Shakespeare.
BuddhaPad! "make good things happen!", ay, there's the rub."

  Dec 9, 2004

Marie, East Hills, NY - “Clever promotional item. I wouldn't say the pad has improved my life, though. I'm not a Buddhist. :-)”

  Dec 4, 2004

Freiheit, Queens, NY - “The BuddhaPad.... No beginning and no end, and with a pudgy, smiling guy to boot. Pure computing Nirvana.”

  Dec 2, 2004

Alison, Baldwin, NY - “I don't mind going to work because I have my BuddahPad with me.....and it makes me smile!”

  Dec 1, 2004 Paul, Reading, PA - “Buddha-bellyrubs always make me smile!”
  Nov 29, 2004 Pam, Point Lookout, NY- “...Generating global good fortune and compassion for all beings is something I believe in!”
  Nov 28, 2004 Jason, Rockville Centre, NY - “Love the BuddhaPad.... no really.... Love the BuddhaPad.”
  Nov 28, 2004 Cheryl, Southhold, NY - “Our thoughts shape our reality.... What a good way to focus good
thoughts, by rubbing the BuddhaPad's belly!”
  Nov 25, 2004 Tracy K., New York, NY- “I had my doubts, but I’m now a believer, it works!”
  Nov 24, 2004 BennyD, Brooklyn, NY- “He greets me with his jolly smile each morning making my day that much better. Thanks BuddhaPad!”
  Nov 24, 2004 FedEx George, Lynbrook, NY- “Outstanding product...I feel my luck changing already”
  Nov 22, 2004 Chris, Lynbrook, NY- “Serenity Now... Serenity Now.”
  Nov 22, 2004 Jeisheivy, Elmont, NY- “Buddha pad es muy chevete!”
  Nov 19, 2004 Ken, Valley Stream, NY- “BuddhaPad gives me lots of Joy Joy Feelings!"
  Nov 19, 2004

Neville, Long Beach, NY- “BuddhaPad is my reminder that each of us already posses the power to change our lives for the better. It is what we choose to believe in and how we choose to look at the world that empowers us to make good things happen."



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  Feb 2, 2006

Teresa, Perth, Australia - “I love my buddha pad....it makes me smile all the time!!!”

  Nov 18, 2004

Lewis, Bowin, Australia - “My friends call me BuddaBoy.”



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  Sept 8, 2005

Tse, Thimphu, Bhutan - “Kool!”



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  Nov 18, 2004

Sue & Rick, Toronto, Canada - “Making good things happen in Canada!”



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  Jan 4, 2005

Jean, East End, Cayman Islands - “Ya Mon!...onna like to rub de Buddha belly!”

  Jan 4, 2005

Mel, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.



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  Oct 9, 2005

Phuntsok, Mussoorie, India

  Sept 23, 2005

sai, Bangalore, India - “Hi, I feel proud to join.”



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  Jan 28, 2006

Jaqueline, Spijkenisse, Netherlands - “Just received my buddhapad: I hope he gives me prosperity, health and happiness. A wonderful gift from by buddie."

  Sept 19, 2005

Jose, Meppel, Netherlands - “I received it today!!! Just a perfect buddhaful day!!”



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  Sept 24, 2005

Sinhala, Sri Lanka - “Stop this work. Don't damage any religion.
(If we make a Jesus Pad what would your feelings be) Stop this monkey business.”
Response from BuddhaPad: Sorry you feel that way Sinhala, but BuddhaPad has been developed with a positive message by people who truly want to make good things happen. That's why a donation is made to charities dedicated to helping children around
the world every time a BuddhaPad is sold.



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  Oct 17, 2005

Matthew, London, UK - “I don't even own a BuddhaPad but using tantric visualisation I rub it daily to great effect”

  Dec 10, 2004

Lisa W., London, UK - “I purchased my BuddaPad to add to my collection of 60 budda figures including a 3ft gold coloured one.”

  Dec 1, 2004

Steve & Karen, N. Baddesley, UK - “It's a Buddhaful thing, we love it!”

  Nov 30, 2004

Greg, London, UK - “My mouse has never seemed happier.”

  Nov 28, 2004

Clare, Sheffield, UK - “Who wants to go on a BuddhaPad pilgrimage?”

  Nov 28, 2004 Catherine, Holywood, Northern Ireland - “My BuddhaPad even works here too!”
  Nov 19, 2004 Andy B., Milford-on-Sea, UK - “I don’t even own a computer, but I rub it anyway!”


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